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Database contains 1 FUTABA. · Futaba Radio Gear Manuals • Futaba 2PC/2PCKA Manual • Futaba 2PD/2PDF Manual • Futaba 2PEKA Manual • Futaba 2L Manual • Futaba 2L 2. All rights reserved. Other than that there isn&39;t much to worry about when placing the receiver. wiki > Futaba. Taiwan Futaba Electronics Corporation No. Futaba t10CAG Replacement Battery Radios.

4GHz 10-CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. Again, navigate around that menu with the joystick and select the various functions within it with the Dial &39;n&39; Key™. This system is extremely versatile and may be used by beginners and pros alike.

Constantly switching our thumbs back and forth from the joystick to the Dial &39;n&39; Key™ seemed unnecessary thumb t10cag gymnastics. Nice easy-to-read screen 3. 5-point pitch curves 8. Adjustable Throttle Cut 5. Unless you can conceive of building a plane that requires more than 10 channels, you will never need another radio. 4GHz radios were first introduced, the talk at flying fields all over the country was about whether they&39;d catch on and take over 72MHz systems. Exponential (4 ch.

for about 6 months. Great deals on Futaba 2. 8 Factory-Defined Mixes: Hover-Throttle; Hover-Pitch; Throttle-Needle; Governor; Offset; Revo (5-pt. (There are different types for airplanes, helis and gliders depending on the model&39;s configuration). Delivery Sat, Jun 20 - Mon, Jun 22. Privacy Preference Center. Installation tips.

Entretanto a representação neste manual será num tipo de letra diferente para maior clareza. We have 1 FUTABA 10CAG manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual FUTABA 10CAG Instruction Manual (119 pages) 2. FASST Technology. Choose PARAMETER, Acrobatic. Stronger, More Robust Link - - manual do futaba t10cag portugues Futaba&39;s system doesn&39;t need redundant receivers. FUTABA 10CG Manuals & User Guides.

4G/10CH for the 14-channel R6014FS that the transmitter comes with. MIX1-8 menu choose mix 5 6. No optional "smooth ratchet" included for throttle (but is with the heli version). Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay. You&39;ll have to check your manual, the Futaba RC website FAQ (a great resource if you&39;ve not already found it), or wait for one of the Futaba guys to show up here.

Instead, it uses a combination of Channel Shifting and Dual Antenna Diversity (DAD) to provide a robust, highly dependable link between transmitter and receiver. This is the Futaba 10J radio system with S-FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) and T-FHSS (Telemetry + frequency shopping spread spectrum) technology. (Can we interest anyone out there in a slightly used Frequency Board? Select Model, scroll through the (disappointingly small) 15-model memory to choose where you are going to store the new plane. To use carbon fiber, just keep antenna about ½" away from it. Thorough and well-organized manual 5. This “Dial &39;n&39; Key™” works great.

for basic/launch/thermal/speed) 3. 10CAG remote control pdf manual download. See full list on rcgroups.

Apollo Drive, Suite 1 Champaign, IL 61822 Phone:ZZZ IXWDED UF FRP VHUYLFH KWPO Email: Thank you for purchasing a Futaba ® FASST-2. SUB-TRIM menu-GEAR -0 3. As robot technology rapidly advances Futaba has been thinking of robot development that no one else can do to get it into shape. Most of the bottom half of the transmitter is taken up with its spacious 160 x 72 pixel LCD display. 4GHz Manual • Futaba 2PH/2PHKA Manual • Futaba 3GR 2. 4GHz 10ch Transmitter & R6208SB Observe que neste manual, sempre que for mencionada uma função ou abreviatura que aparece na tela do transmissor, a forma será a mesma inclusive reproduzindo as letras maiúsculas e minúsculas da tela. Privacy Preferences. Fast & Free shipping on many items!

Futaba is known for making the highest quality and most reliable systems on the market. On the left are two buttons, Mode and End. This technology, known as channel shifting, was co-invented during World War II by actress Hedy Lamarr for jam-proof radio communication with torpedoes. If you do not wish to access the internet for information, however, don’t worry. Futaba 10J S-FHSS and T-FHSS 10-channel 2.

See more results. It is very important to make sure that the two antennas coming out of the receiver are oriented at 90 degree angles to one another. you cant beat futaba nomore and thats me SPEED FRESH THE NUMBER 5 is one of them. Futaba 10cap radio with 2 extra batteries and programming manual. Adjustable spoiler 4. It also includes both standard PWM output ports and S.

4Ghz Futaba T10CAG and T10CHG transmitters! Our selection of Futaba Systems products is quality built and designed for maximum fun. .

Pages in total: 119. 4GHz Hobby RC Receivers & Transmitters. You move the cursor through the two main menus, BASIC and ADVANCED, using the joystick. If you have the 72MHz module installed, you will see settings for PPM or PCM. 4GHz FASST™ Video Update - Duration: 4:21. Futaba’s FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) transmitters and receivers are configured to simultaneously shift amongst 2. 4GHz channels manual do futaba t10cag portugues hundreds of times per second.

Advanced Heli Menu. Updated Version 2 offers 8 channels of control! . This is a very capable radio that will serve the needs of almost any pilot. Preciso da sua ajuda para conseguir o manual do rádio futaba 6EX 2,4 Ghz em português. Futaba User Manuals Futaba Corporation.

Advanced Glider Menu. Sort by Popular Newest Most Reviews Price. View and Download FUTABA 10CAG instruction manual online. 4GHz, and the rest are sure to follow soon. Adjustable High/Low pitch setting 9. FUTABA Corporation Radio control Web Site. 4 7-point throttle curves and 5 (including throttle hold) 7.

More than enough features for most pilots Minuses: 1. Gimbals could be smoother. Used in IMAC competitions for the past several years without ever an issue. · We use for example CH5,switch C-3positions and switch D-2positions.

Manual: Download (. The joystick may stick occasionally, but other than that, radio works perfectly. MIX5 page 2/2 settings as shown 7. Even in our club, where most of the members are as conservative as they come, most of us are now flying 2. FOR SERVICE ONLY: Futaba Service Center 3002 N. 99 Free Shipping. Thanks very much! · tha futaba 8fg is not a touch screen the 14mz is a touch.

Turn on the transmitter, then press and hold Mode. Start, Speed, Distance & Landing conditions, Adjustable Airbrake Activation 7. manual do futaba t10cag portugues 12 Factory-Defined Mixes: Butterfly-Elevator (2); Elevator-Flap; Chamber Mix (w/ail/ele/rdr adj. 4GHz * extremely versatile and may be used by beginners and pros alike.

Small 15-model memory (without purchasing additional CAMPac cards. The R7014SB receiver features bi-directional communication with a FASSTest Futaba transmitter using the S. Make sure you pick the right receiver for your RC needs by looking through the features of Futaba&39;s air and surface receivers. Settings as shown on left. but by the way 18mz is way better then 8fg, is better then JR 12x, better then spectrum DX8, better then a JR XP9503 and better then Futaba FG, and better then Futaba 12Z. 4 GHz technology, and among high-end 2. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your FUTABA 10CG Radio.

7-point throttle curve 10. On the right are a small joystick and a twisty knob with a button in the middle of it (helpfully labeled "PUSH"). This offering is an evolution of Futabas very popular 9C/9C Super series, with many updates and a seamless transition that will be greatly appreciated by longtime Futaba pilots. Put it near the receiver, and the light on the receiver will start blinking. To link, turn on the transmitter first and then the receiver. 8 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ 4 5-point curves) 2. Once you have the selection you want, the Key™ function of the Dial &39;n&39; Key™ selects that function, and you will see that function&39;s submenu. 8 swash plate types w/graphics 5.

10CAG - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Finally Futaba has developed parts for robot such as Command-type servo as robot&39;s joint or processing unit to control several tens of servos, A robot built of these parts can be radio-operated by special remote control or connected to PC to manipulate directly. Now that we have manual do futaba t10cag portugues the basics configured, link the receiver to that transmitte.

There&39;s very little that this radio can&39;t do that the 12- and 14-channel radios can do. 000+ free PDF manuals from more than 10. Search and view your manual for free or ask other product owners. ); Aileron-Flap; Aileron-Rudder; Flaperon; V-Tail; Flap Trim; Butterfly w/spoiler adj; and 4-point Offset (w/camber adj. Transmitter END POINT menu-GEAR -100% 2.

The first step in setting up a model is to tell the receiver what transmitter to listen to, which is called “linking” or pairing the transmitter and the receiver. Also for: 10cg, 10chg. 4GHz Radio with R3008SB 8 channel Rx - FUTK9200. Setup instructions, pairing guide, and how to reset.

GYRO SENSE menu settings-CH5 and switch C as shown. This navigation system is easier than it sounds here, except for the fact that we found ourselves wanting to push the joystick to select a function rather than the Key™ part of the Dial &39;n&39; Key™. BUS2 port an impressive array of telemetry sensors may be utilized.

While you&39;re in PARAMETER, make sure the modulation is set for the type of receiver you&39;ll be using: 2. Mini perfil del usuario. This shows the BASIC Menu. 4G transmitter optional 128GB CAMPac module giving 48 model memories Manual Mains charger Spare battery Logic RC twin Tx metal case Metal Tx stand and Secraft neckstrap balance. This is to avoid dropped packets and potential loss of control.

9 Factory-Defined Mixes: Elevator-Flap; Ailvator (for dual elevator servos); Throttle-Needle; Aileron Differential; Flaperon; V-Tail; Elevon; Snap Roll; and Air Brake w/elevator delay 3. ) Futaba was the first major manufacturer to embrace 2. Our support teams are available Monday through Friday 8-5 Central time to assist you. 63 49% Off 22 in 1 RC Flight Simulator Cable. La emisora FUTABA 10CG trae el manual en Castellano,si no te le dieron,reclamarle al comercio donde la compraste.

In order for you to make the best use of your system manual, our online Frequently Asked Questions (on the web pages referenced below), your hobby portugues dealer, or the Futaba Service Center. Currently set as Mode 1 but the manual details how to make the system change if needed. 4GHz had simply and quietly won because of the benefits that we&39;re all familiar with by now. Now press End, then press the joystick to go to Menu 2. 1, Shin Kai Fa Road, Nan Tze Export Pocessing Zone, Kaohsiung, Radio Futaba 10CG 10/14/0 2.

· Futaba® 8FG Super 2. Swash Plate AFR 6. Sideways scrolling may be required to view certain aspects of the tables. AUX-CH SELECT menu –CH5-Ls1(Logical switch) 4.

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